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Paul Greenhill (aka The Wise Grappler) was born and raised in Washington, DC. After graduating from high school in 1982, he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. It was during his time in the Marine Corps that he was introduced to the martial arts and studied many different styles during his 8 year enlistment that included Kung-fu (Shaolin Long Fist), Muay Thai Kickboxing (with Kru Vut Kamnark), and Boxing.

In 1990, Paul separated from the Marine Corps to attend college as a full-time student at Morehouse College in Atlanta, GA, where he obtained a B.S. in Computer Science. It was also during his time in Atlanta that he was introduced the art of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu while watching Royce Gracie display his dominance during the early days of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). After seeing Royce's performance, Paul decided that BJJ was the style that he had to master. Unfortunately, BJJ wasn't as popular in the early 90s as it is today and finding quality instruction was very difficult. So, Paul was resigned to working out with buddies in the basement learning from tapes during the early years.

In 1996, Paul (at the age of 32) relocated from Atlanta, GA to the Washington, DC area and began his formal BJJ Training at the Yamasaki-Dalla Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy. It was at the Yamasaki-Dalla BJJ Academy where he met Lloyd Irvin, who was a blue belt at the time. After Leo Dalla went back to Brazil, Lloyd decided to open his own school and Paul went to train with Lloyd. Lloyd has been Paul's primary BJJ Instructor and Paul has also trained with Lloyd's instructor, Leo Dalla. After 9.5 years of bumps, bruises, and too many butt-kickings to number, Paul was promoted to BJJ Black Belt by Lloyd Irvin (with the blessing of Leo Dalla) on January 26, 2006, becoming Team Lloyd Irvin's first OG Black Belt. That was a VERY SPECIAL DAY for Paul because his daughter, Nicole (age 5 at the time), took her very first martial arts class at the Lloyd Irvin Martial Arts Academy (LIMAA) on the same day. Two very proud moments for Paul.

After receiving his black belt, Paul began to reflect back over the 9.5 year journey and all the obstacles he had to overcome. Over the years, he had seen many older (over 30) and recreational grapplers (which Paul refers to as OGs) give up on training because of the physical and mental demands that training inflicts on a person, as well as the relentless attacks from the young and overly aggressive young punk grapplers. Paul wanted to help more of them make it to black belt. So, after prompting from Lloyd Irvin, Paul created The Wise Grappler as his way of giving back to the OGs of all ages within the grappling community. And the grappling community welcomed Paul's message of "train smarter, let the young punks train harder!", which can be proven by the international acclaim that he has received for his grappling and mental mindset training tips and coaching.